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The following articles were written by former Palmyra Historians Beth Hoad and  Betsy Lewis.


Betsy Lewis

Palmyra and the Flu Epidemic of 1918 (Feb. 9, 2020)
Today we hear stories of the coronavirus and some of us wonder if this could become a pandemic like the Spanish Influenza of 1918 that resulted in millions of lives lost...(read full article)


Animal Control in Early Palmyra (Jan. 20, 2020)
The early years of 19th century Palmyra had its share of wild animals that caused damage and frustrations for landowners. Over the years, bounties were placed on particular animals and the town fathers would pay those bounties to inhabitants who could prove they killed certain animals. Wolves were a consistent trouble maker and they earned one of the largest bounties. It could be a grisly business...(read full article)


In the Beginning...Early Palmyra (Jan. 7, 2020)
As I take over the Palmyra Historian position from Beth Hoad who held that position for 20 years, I hope to build upon the research and writings that Beth and other esteemed historians did so well over the years. They communicated our community’s history but also incorporated their own interests and included their own observations to that history. My research and observations will do the same. Many thanks to Beth for helping us understand our community a bit better. Beth, you have made your mark and our community is richer for it...(read full article)

Beth Hoad
The following articles originally appeared in the Courier-Journal, beginning in 2000. 


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Whatever Happened to the Old Linn?

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