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ABOUT PALMYRA  >  1917 military census

During the winter months of 2003, the Town of Palmyra began remodeling two rooms in the Town Hall to contain records that needed to be retained. (The remodeling expenses were covered by a grant.) They are called the Archives rooms.

During the settling of these rooms, in April of 2003, almost exactly 86 years after it was created, the 1917 United States Military Census for Palmyra was found, rolled up in a box. The original document is more than 20 pages long, in very good condition, and handwritten. The Town Clerk's office decided to transcribe the document and make it available to the public for research and genealogy purposes.

A hard copy is also available in the Town Clerk's Office and with the Palmyra Historian in the Palmyra Town Hall. It can be viewed at those offices during regular hours.

Note: At least one page of the original document is devoted to a letter of the alphabet. Therefore, we continued this layout in the transcription. The letter "A" contains males between the ages of 18-45 whose last name begins with the letter A. This format is continued through the alphabet.

Special thanks goes to Jeanne and Jack Drake who assisted in transcribing this wonderful document.

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