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The Palmyra Highway Department has been experiencing some phone issues lately. We apologize for any inconvenience; we have been trying to fix the problem.


In the meantime, please email your questions and concerns to


Thank you!

Mike Boesel, Palmyra Highway

Palmyra NY Highway Department

Palmyra Town Yard Debris Cleanup - May 28-31, 2024
The highway department will be making one trip around the town, so please have your debris in front of your property by 8 AM on May 28th as they do not know which day they will be on your road. This is a “one and done” pickup, meaning once we complete a road, we will not be back... click for complete details

Palmyra Heated Highway Facility Facts & Figures

  • Palmyra Heated Highway Facility, a 110' x 100' steel frame, energy efficient structure to accommodate a total of 10 Town and Village trucks

  • 1996 Town/Village Consolidation of Highway Services brought all Village fleet under the former Town Barn cold storage areas without any building expansions or improvements

  • Trucks have grown in size since two primary storage buildings were constructed in 1940 and 1975

  • Old Truck Barn undersized with 6 trucks jammed in 5 truck bays

  • Entire 10-truck fleet used to be stored in 3 different cold storage buildings

  • All truck block heaters used to be plugged in all night long, which is leading cause of catastrophic highway facility fires

  • At $150-200K per truck, we needed to insure and better protect our nearly $2M truck fleet

Learn more about the project here.

Contact the Highway Department by phone at 315-597-5532.

NEW Weight limit imposed on Galloway Road Bridge

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