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Before contacting the Palmyra Highway Department directly, check here to see if your questions has already been answered.​

Q: What should I do if my mailbox is damaged by snow when my road was plowed?
A: Please report any damage to the Highway Department at 597-5532.

Q: Where do I push the snow when my driveway is plowed?
A: Do NOT push snow into the road. Pile it away from the road edge to allow access to your mailbox and avoid problems with visibility when
or exiting your driveway.

Q: What should I do if my vehicle was damaged on a Town road?
A: Contact the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department at (315) 946-9711 (non-emergency) or 911 (emergency).

Q: Who do I call to report a dead deer?
A: If the location is a local road, call 315-597-5532 for the Town Highway Department.  If the location is a county road call Wayne County
at 315-946-5600.



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