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If you disagree with your assessment, you may schedule an informal hearing - by phone.  Or you may request a review by email or USPS mail.  You must submit a “Statement of Facts” for email and USPS mail.  All requests must be made NO later than March 15, 2022.  At the time of you your appointment you must provide an opinion of value and offer any additional information which you believe may affect the value placed on the property.  Your information may include but is not limited to:


1.  Recent sales (arms length – not estate, foreclosure, private sales or sale between relatives)

2.  An independent appraisal of your property

3.  Date-stamped photographs showing the problems or items you wish considered

4.  Any additional information you feel would help establish the property's current value.


Under Informal reviews on this site there is a review sheet to assist you.


If your complaint is about the taxes and not your property, the Assessor does not determine taxes.


Please remember all reviews must be requested or appointments made            

NO LATER than MARCH 15, 2022


You may mail or drop off photos or additional information to:

Assessor's Office, 1180 Canandaigua Road, Palmyra, NY 14522. 


You can call the office at (315)597-2184 to schedule an appointment (by phone). 


For reviews by email:  Please send your “statement of facts” to email


You must put in the subject line the address of the property as well as the Parcel ID/Map #. 

For example:  123 Town of Palmyra Road - 64111-11-123456, or in the case of vacant property  

‘vacant’ Town of Palmyra Road - 64111-00-123456.          


Please DO NOT send pictures in the initial email.  Printed pictures are preferred and all pictures must be date stamped.  If you must email them, please let us know in your initial email that you have pictures so we can let you know when and how to email them.  We do not want to fill our in box.    You may drop printed pictures off to the office or in the drop box and we will put them with the file and email review (please place them in an envelope with your property information on the outside).  If the assessor has any questions about your documents, information or photos she or the secretary will email you for additional information. 


Meetings and email review occur till the end of March during the Assessor's hours.


No value changes will be disclosed during the informal hearing.  You will receive notification of a decision by mail around May 1st.


Please remember all reviews must be requested or appointments made NO LATER than MARCH 15, 2022

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