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Once the economic engine that turned the wheels of progress for a young nation, today's Erie Canal provides a rich recreational resource for New York State residents and visitors, alike.  Pleasure boating, fishing, hiking, cycling, and picnicking are just some of the family friendly activities you can enjoy all year round.

The Port of Palmyra Marina (pictured right) is your point of embarkation for a visit to the Queen of Canal Towns.  A short stroll up Market Street leads you past unique museums to an inviting range of shops and restaurants. The Marina's docking facilities feature six lighted slips with electric hookups and pumping stations. Showers and restrooms are also available nearby.

Canal History
In the early 1800's, visionaries such as New York State Governor Dewitt Clinton sought a way to link the growing cities of the east with the western frontier. The Erie Canal opened in 1825, costing just $7 million to build.  And within nine years of its opening, the tolls collected on the canal exceeded the cost of construction!  Dubbed "Clinton’s Ditch," in shortsighted mockery of the Governor's dream, the Erie Canal brought tremendous prosperity and growth to the towns and cities along its banks during the 19th century. 

New York State Canal Corporation
Erie Canal Trail Map
The Erie Canal

Canal New York

Port of Palmyra Marina

'Along the Canal'

was a regular column written by former Palmyra Village Mayor, Vicky Daly. Read these columns and her other 'Conversations with the Mayor' here.

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