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The Pillage ‘N the Village Bed Race Regatta $6K Fundraiser hits Main Street Palmyra on Saturday, August 10 and you’re invited to participate.

In prior years, racers were encouraged to build their own racing beds and run them on race day. However, under the direction of race Commodore Captain Mojito, we've built a fleet of six, identically prepared racing schooners, ready to roll.

This year, we are encouraging you to run for a cause - yours and ours! This two-tier fund-raising event will provide support for not only Historic Palmyra, its five amazing museums, and monthly programming, but also for your favorite charity or cause.

Here’s all we ask: Commit to make an initial donation to Historic Palmyra in the amount of $250 to claim your vessel. Gather your five-person crew. Then, direct your family, friends, neighbors, and everybody else to visit the Eventbrite Event Page and make a donation in support of your team. Just open the link labeled “Tickets” and you’ll find all six beds listed. Click on the bed of your choice, and show your support.

Two-Tier Fundrasier
Once your team/bed's donations have reached $1000, your cause will earn 50% of every subsequent donation. In addition, on race day, the top three finishers will receive a cash prize, with the first place team scoring a bonus of 10% of that team's total donations.

For example, if your team raises $2,000 in donations before race day, then the first $1000 goes to Historic Palmyra, the second $1,000 is split 50/50 with Historic Palmyra and YOUR cause AND if your team finishes first on race day, you will receive a first place cash prize, plus 10% of $2,000 - or another $200!

And that's what why call the race the “$6K Fundraiser” – six beds, with a goal of $1,000 each, with your causes' donations increasing with every donation over and above the $6K goal.

at Eventbrite!


So, what are you waiting for? Contact Captain Mojito today!  

Download the 2019 Bed Race Brochure


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