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The Pillage ‘N the Village Bed Race Regatta $6K Fundraiser hits Main Street Palmyra on Saturday, August 11 and you’re invited to participate.

In prior years, racers were encouraged to build their own racing beds and run them on race day. However, under the direction of race Commodore Captain Mojito, we built a fleet of six swift schooners, ready to roll. All you have to do is assemble a five person crew (16 years of age or older) and be one of the first six teams to register.

In addition, all entry fees have been waived, leaving you with no cost – and, frankly, no excuse not to enter! Seriously, how many times have you watched the bed races over the years and said to yourself, “That looks so cool! I’ve got to get a team together and do that next year.” Well “next year” is now!

Here’s all we ask. Once you register your crew, you will be assigned one of the six beds to run. Then, direct your family, friends, neighbors, and everybody else to visit the Eventbrite webpage and make a donation in support of your team. Just open the link labeled “Tickets” and you’ll find all six beds listed. Click on the bed of your choice, and show your support.

All donations will go to support the important work of our parent organization, Historic Palmyra, a non-profit education organization, tasked to preserving Palmyra’s important architectural and historical legacy, while operating five amazing museums and offering special events and historical programming throughout the year.

This year, we’re calling the race the “$6K Fundraiser” – here’s why: we have six beds and we think we should all be able to raise $1K per team. That’s the goal. And, in addition to medals for each of the top three finishers and the names of the winning team enshrined on the trophy hanging in the Palmyra Village Hall, the traditional $100 first place prize will be increased to include 10% your team’s donations.

So, what are you waiting for? download the entry form, complete it and forward it to mojito@a2zeds.com today.



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