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This series was written by Beth Hoad and originally published in the Courier-Journal, beginning in 2000. The articles are in PDF format, so you will need Acrobat Reader to view them.


Mick Snyder is shown with the historic marker located on his family farm.

Palmyra Men Preserve a Little Piece of History
Frank Sherman Peer

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Palmyra's One-Room Schools, Part I

Taken May 14, 1915, this photo shows School No. 6 on Hogback Hill Rd., East Palmyra. Identification was provided by Carolyn Woodworth as follows:

(left to right) Beryl Woodworth, Peter DeRue, Margaret Verburg, Bill Bedett, Maurice Timmerman, Casey Ververs, Dorothy DeRue, Ellison Woodworth, teacher Carrie Tilburg. (Photo courtesy of Beth Hoad)

School No. 11, also known as the "Hicks School" was located at the corner of Parker Rd. and Sherwood Rd. just south of the Palmyra-Marion town line.

(Photo courtesy of Beth Hoad)

Palmyra's One-Room Schools, Part II

This photo of School No. 12 at the corner of Marion Rd., once called Plank Rd., and Goldsmith Rd., was taken in 1916.

According to information provided by George Goldsmith, Isabel Jones was the teacher at that time. During the 1899-1900 school year, this was referred to as the "York School" with Fred A. York, teacher. (Photo courtesy of Beth Hoad)

All that remains of the District No. 5 school on Jeffery Rd. near the corner of Walker Rd. is the large stepping stone

placed by the front door and crumbling ruins of the front foundation wall. This photo was taken around 1910-1915. (Photo courtesy Richard Roling)

Palmyra's One-Room Schools, Part III (below left)
Bareham & Son Bakery (below right)

District No. 7 school winter photo taken about 1915. (Photo courtesy Sylvia Harding)

"Wendy Lindsey is shown with the sign near the spot where she discovered it in the basement of the former R. H. Bareham & Son bakery."

(Photo courtesy Beth Hoad)


Linn stories

Marie Princeton and Mr. East

"Marie Princeton," owned by Hayes Ostrander of Palmyra is shown in this photo taken during the late 1930's with G. R. "Doc" Watters up. (driving)

(Photo courtesy Gene East)

"Mr. East" bred and owned by Gene East of Palmyra is shown during his championship year as New York Sire Stakes winner.

(Photo courtesy Gene East)

Earl Rainbow holds his Standardbred mare, Mighty Jane while young Bruce O'Neal admires the horse.

(Photo courtesy Charles Rainbow)

This 1950 photo of Earl Rainbow driving Merry Widow as they lead the pack around the far turn at Palmyra Fairgrounds.

(Photo courtesy Charles Rainbow)

This photo finish shows Earl Rainbow as he guides Ace Cash to another win at Saratoga Raceway in 1954.

(Photo courtesy Charles Rainbow)

This 1975 photo taken at the Palmyra Fairgrounds shows sulkies that were used in training and racing the horses stabled in the barns.

(Town of Palmyra file photo)

Horseman Lenny Conklin as he is remembered by many. (Photo courtesy of a friend)

Distant Riders (picture above right)
Blue Ribbon Dairy



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